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Asterix's battle cry

Asterix’s battle cry

Can there be a more representative image of Asterix than this one, urging his friends into action with an urgent battle cry? My latest trio of Asterix screenprints shows the little Gaulish warrior in three characteristic poses. One shows him urging his friends forward (‘En avant!,’ Asterix cries; ‘Let’s go!’ or ‘Forward!’), the second being […]

New Asterix screenprint

New Asterix screenprints

I have designed and produced three new Asterix screenprints. This one shows the three pals, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix in silhouette, on a light blue background I have taken the image from the Asterix books – I am the the first and only British screenprinter to have permission from French publisher Editions Albert Rene to use their archive […]

Thelwell: A good all rounder

New: Thelwell screenprints

Introducing my new Thelwell screenprints: the first such editions ever produced. Norman Thelwell, who died in 2004, was the unofficial chronicler of the British countryside, and became especially well known and loved for his drawings of little girls on pony-back and of members of the Pony Club. (Pony Club is an international youth organization devoted to […]