Posted by John Reynolds on

I am producing a new range of Alice In Wonderland screenprints, from the brilliant original drawings by John Tenniel.

I have just today printed three:
Alice defending her self from a pack of cards, in blue.
The White Rabbit looking at his watch, in yellow.
The Mad Hatter, singing a song, in red.

I've printed half a dozen artist's proofs – ie, the first screenprints pulled to test the colour separations.

I offer them to you for £45 each or £100 the current set of three. That represents a massive saving on the full price, once I have printed the edition proper, which will be £75 each.

I have printed the main subject of each image in black, spot-coloured them and coloured the background in the same ink. The intended effect is to emphasise the character but tie them firmly into the overall picture.

The prints are on white, mould-made 300gsm Somerset paper, milled in the St Cuthbert Mill in the West Country.

Each one is 38cms deep x 28cms wide.