Screenprints for our times

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The indomitable Alf Tupper at his gritty best.
I've always loved this character. When I was a boy, Alf epitomised all that was good. The Tough Of The Track (as he was dubbed) was honest, hard-working, determined - and never knew when he was beaten.
And when a customer bought one of the standard-sized prints a few days ago I realised how apt it was for the times we're going through.
The print is available in my standard size, ie 26cms x 19cms and in my medium format: 48cms x 38cms.
For the meantime, my framer is also still operational, but only doing the standard-sized frames.
The print is a hand-pulled, two-colour screenprint, printed by me on beautiful 300gsm paper which was milled at the St Cuthbert's Mill in Somerset.
Please got to my website, for further details.

Alf speaks for us all. 

Six things you should know about Alf Tupper:
1/ He worked as a welder, often from his workshop underneath the arches. 
2/ Alf's favourite food was fish and chips.
3/ He was an inspiration for generations of British runners, from Ron Hill (who has one of my prints) to Steve Cram.
4 His catchphrase was: I run 'im. 
5 Alf started life in the Rover in 1949, but became the flagship character in the Victor when that started in 1961 and continued until that comic folded in 1992.