Dennis the Menace Gets the Lichtenstein Treatment

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Hendon and Finchley Press, 2005

Some of Britain’s favourite comic characters have escaped from the page
and on to canvas. North London artist, John Reynolds, has reproduced
some of the icons of British childhood on huge canvases up to 4ft wide.
The characters cross the generations and include such icons as Alf
Tupper from the Victor, Wilson of the Wizard and Billy Whizz from The

“I’ve always loved these characters and I’m really happy to give them
new life as art,” said John. “These characters occupy a place in the
British public’s heart. But people have never before had an opportunity
to hang a canvas print of Billy Whizz on the wall of their living room
or office.”

John approached Britain’s foremost comic publisher, Dundee-based DC
Thomson, which granted John permission to reproduce its work. The
company has never before given permission for its creations to be
reproduced as art in this way and you can see the results at an
exhibition at 144 Ballards Lane, Finchley, from noon to 6pm on

“People are familiar with the images of US comics hanging on thew walls
of galleries, thanks to the likes of Roy Lichtenstein,” John said.
“It’s time the British comic style was appreciated too. Many of these
artists are very accomplished and they belong to a particularly British
tradition that seems to have been overlooked.”

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