Asterix in Paris

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Asterix in Paris

Comic Art is at the Maison Et Objet trade show in Paris … to sell Asterix to the French. I have extended my licence to market my screenprints of Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Dogmatix to the rest of Europe, including France, Italy, Spain and Germany and am in Paris to try to make the most of that fact.
I’ve also brought over my new greetings cards of Asterix.

Recently I struck a deal with the comic book hero’s publishers – Editions Albert René – to market my screenprints of Asterix and his pals to all the countries of continental Europe.

Astonishingly, there is nobody who is currently making screenprints (or serigraphies, as the French say) of the brightly coloured icon. So I am the first to do so – and will be marketing them in Germany, Spain and Italy as well as the rest of Europe and of course France.

Most of my Asterix screenprints are selected from the 1960s and 1970s and should make a great gift to anybody who is into the classic series of books or indeed retro, vintage, old school design. I tend to choose material from this era because it was the time I was growing up and my tastes and preferences were being formed. But also it’s a pre-digital age, and the drawings are all made by hand rather than computer-aided. Obviously, as I’m a screenprinter, I’m biased in favour of the handmade, so this style is right up my street. I hope it is yours.

Asterix first appeared in 1959 and 35 books drawn by Albert Uderzo and written by Rene Goscinny were published until 2010, although new titles are now being issued with new writers and draftsmen.

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