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Roger The Dodger dodges his homework

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Roger the brilliant dodger of chores and unpleasant tasks consults his dodge books. Roger The Dodger first appeared in April 1953. He was always one of my favourites – I enjoyed the systematic intellectual effort he put into his adventures.

He has the same colour scheme as the equally mischievous Dennis the Menace: red and black stripes. It does seem to be a sign that the wearer of the stripes is to be avoided – perhaps a bit like the yellow and black colouring of wasps and bees, it signals danger. Minnie the Minx is also clad in red-and-black stripes.

The Beano was brilliantly conceived and drawn. Many of the letters – for instance, the O of The Beano’s title or the chequered letters in the Roger The Dodger title – are surely instantly recognisable to most of the population, but all of the letters’ shapes are beautifully drawn.

I am the only screenprinter with permission to use publisher DC Thomson’s extraordinary archive of material in my work.

Handmade, limited edition screen print on cotton paper, mould-made in Wells, Somerset.  25cm x 19cm.

This edition is limited to 200.

Signed and numbered in pencil by screenprinter John Patrick Reynolds.

Image © DC Thomson & Co Ltd