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Olive kisses Popeye

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Olive kisses Popeye

And her gesture seems to take him by surprise.

Popeye was originally a minor character in a strip syndicated in American newspapers. It was called Thimble Theatre, which has been running since 1919, with Olive Oyl and her brother Caster Oyl some of the main characters. The new character soon stole the show, however, and the strip was named for him. By the way, it was only when I started screenprinting the character that I realised that his name refers to the fact that he only has a single eye, the left one. The right eye is always depicted as a sort of asterisk.
Popeye and Olive now have the status of an archetypal couple – they are obviously attracted to each other, but they often fall out and row, often bitterly. Although the strip has been running for nearly 100 years, the way the characters behave seem quite modern.
By the way, spinach – which became an essential part of the Popeye makeup – was not originally part of his setup. The iron-rich leaf first made an appearance in the early 1930s, when he was running away from a bull and accidentally landed in a back garden full of the stuff. He didn’t even know what it was, and had to be told.

Standard size: 25cm x 19cm.
Medium size: 48cms x 38cms.

Limited edition, handpulled screenprint, signed and numbered out of 200 in pencil by the printer, John Patrick Reynolds

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