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This is a job for a couple of grenades

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Laconic yet dynamic. I love this panel because we’ve all felt like this from time to time – that This is a job for a couple of grenades – whether we’ve stuck in traffic or being driven to distraction by a tea party for seven-year-olds.

This image is a panel taken from The Victor Book For Boys, 1968. It’s a good example of what happens when you take a panel out of the context of its original narrative context and presents it on its own, to be appreciated for its own draftsmanship, composition and content. You could say it’s been freed from its original meaning, and readers are free to read into it whatever they like.

The Victor comic was produced by Britain’s top comic publisher DC Thomson for more than 40 years – between 1961 and 1992. In its heyday, it sold hundreds of thousands of copies each week. The Victor Book For Boys still has its fans, and collectors, and there are websites to help enthusiasts, such as

I am the the first and only screenprinter to have permission from DC Thomson to use their archive of images for my work.

Standard size: 25cm x 19cm.
Medium size: 48cms x 38cms. Pictured below, left. 
Large size: 76cms x 56cms. Pictured below, right.

Handmade, limited edition screen print on mould-made, cotton paper.

Signed and numbered out of 200 in pencil by the printer, John Patrick Reynolds

© D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.

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