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LOVE in comic book lettering

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LOVE in comic book lettering

I’ve mined these letters by researching American comics from the 1950s.

I love the boldness – and of course screenprinting is the perfect medium to express those bold colours.

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day.

By the way, a brief bit of research reveals that Valentines Day has been associated with lovers for longer than I’d thought: apparently the first surviving reference was made by Geoffrey Chaucer in the late 14th century. By the 18th century it had evolved into an occasion for lovers to give each other gifts such as sweets, cards and poems.

Standard size: 26cms x 19cms
Medium size: 48cms x 38cms – not yet available. Contact [email protected] if you want one.
Large size: 76cms x 56cms – not yet available. Contact [email protected] if you want one.

Handmade, limited edition screen print on mould-made, cotton paper.

Signed and numbered out of 200 in pencil by the printer, John Patrick Reynolds

© Comic Art Ltd

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