Oor Wullie has a snowball fight

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Oor Wullie has a snowball fight with Fat Bob - i like the way this screenprint is long and thin, just as the original comic strip was. This image was taken from The Sunday Post in Dundee. Oor Wullie is part of the Scottish identity kit - he's as familiar to all Scots as the saltire but unknown elsewhere. 

But he's a comic gem, drawn originally by the same draughtsman (Dudley D Watkins) as Desperate Dan. 

This screenprint has been officially approved by DC Thomson. I am the first and only screenprinter with permission to use the images of Dennis The Menace and Gnasher in my work.

These are all original screenprints. An original print is a work of art printed by hand, from a plate, block, stone, or stencil (which is the case here - screenprints are made using screen stencils) that has been created by the artist for the purpose of producing the image.

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