Brooklands: Napier Railton III (white on black)

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This is the 24 Litre Napier-Railton Endurance Record and Track Racing Car.

The Napier-Railton, built in 1933, first appeared in a race at Brooklands in August of that year. As the Brooklands Museum puts it: "Designed specifically to break endurance records and race at Brooklands, the Napier-Railton excelled at both. It won several high-profile races at Brooklands, broke numerous world endurance records, and set the ultimate Brooklands lap record."

This is an artist's proof. There's only one of this version, printed in white on very thin black paper.

These are all original screenprints – works of art printed by hand, from a plate, block, stone, or stencil (which is the case here - screenprints are made using screen stencils) that has been created by the artist for the purpose of producing the image.