Comic Art Wholesale Terms & Conditions 2018

My screenprints are all handmade by me and my small team in west London. They are often published in editions of 200 but sometimes the editions are smaller. I use mould-made cotton paper printed in Somerset which I’ve selected to mimic the colour of the kind of uncoated newsprint which comics used to be printed on.

The screenprints feature classic comic characters, many courtesy unique licenses from UK’s top comic publisher DC Thomson and French firm Editions Albert Rene.

I offer trade terms of 40% off the retail price. In other words, half price plus VAT at 20%.

I make the screenprints in three sizes (although not all prints are available in all sizes).

  • 26 x 19cms, RRP £40 unframed, trade price: unframed £16, framed £29.60
  • 50 x 36cms, RRP £140 unframed, trade price: unframed £54, framed £74
  • 76 x 56cms, RRP £280 unframed, trade price: £112, framed £140

Carriage unframed £8. Carriage framed £15.
Minimum order £200; carriage free £400.

I also sell greetings cards of my screenprints, selling for £7.80 for a pack of six (minimum six of each design).
Carriage for cards, which are sent directly from the printers: £10.
Minimum order £100, carriage free £200.
If you would like to stock these, please email me and I’ll send you pdfs of my range.

The website is set up so that you cannot order those screenprints which are not in stock; I do not offer back-orders.

Lead time for screenprints and cards should be no more than two weeks. If an order is especially urgent, please let me know and I might be able to expedite despatch.

Screenprint and card orders are considered and packaged separately for purposes of minimum orders and carriage.

I can provide some point-of-sale material, such as pdfs about the prints or my process. If you’d like some, please ask.

I am VAT registered.
Payment is due on receipt of the screenprints or cards.

I have held exhibitions around the country from Dorset to Dundee including the Cartoon Art Museum in Bloomsbury, central London. I attach a photograph of the Duke of Edinburgh looking at a screenprint of mine outside that museum.

Please browse my website,  Phone +44 (0) 7980 840906 or email if you have any questions.