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Portrait of Olive Oyl, looking cheerful

Portrait of Olive Oyl looking cheerful

Portrait of Olive Oyl, looking happy I love Olive – she’s a complex character, in turns feisty, passionate, needy and contrary. She’s capable of tenderness and violence. A real heroine in her own right. This screenprint is made using a drawing by the artist who invented Olive Oyl (and then Popeye), Elzie Segar, who died in […]

Popeye's first ever appearance (1929)

Popeye’s first ever appearance (1929)

SALE ITEM: This is Popeye’s first ever appearance (1929). Our favourite sailor’s debut. It’s quite a good joke: he’s approached by Olive Oyl’s brother, Castor, to do a job taking them to a far-away island, but his introductory question: “Hey, there, are you a sailor?” is a stupid one seeing as Popeye is wearing a […]

Bluto makes his debut

Bluto makes his debut

NEW SALE ITEM: Bluto makes his debut – the first time that the character appears in the Popeye comic strip. This screenprint was made using a drawing by the artist who invented Popeye, Elzie Segar, who died in 1938. Popeye was originally a minor character in a strip syndicated in American newspapers. It was called […]

Olive Oyl gazes (between yellow blocks)

Olive Oyl gazes into space

NEW SALE ITEM! (Only four left.) Olive Oyl gazes into space. I like the way the white space in front of her gives her thoughts room to resonate. And I’ve also come to love great areas of simple colour, something that screenprinting is very good at. This image is a detail of a panel first […]

London Comic Con

Comic Art at Comic Con

COMIC ART AT COMIC CON I’ve taken a stand at the upcoming Comic Con in Olympia. It runs from Friday to Sunday, 9am-6pm each day. Come and see what I’ve got to offer! Tickets and details are available here:

Comic Art at Progressive Greetings

Comic Art at The International Greeting Card Show

Comic Art exhibits at The International Greeting Card Show this week Springboard section, Stand 678 Comic Art will be exhibiting to retail customers its entire range of nearly 200 designs at the International Greeting Card Show, organised by Progressive Greetings, this week, at the Business Design Centre in Islington (52 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0QH). The range […]

Video interview about Comic Art

See my video interview about Comic Art

See my video interview about Comic Art. Film-maker Jeremy Heslup, who runs the Praemio video channel, has interviewed me about Comic Art. I talk about how I became a screenprinter, why I enjoy it, and the transition from journalist. The film includes shots of me being interviewd at the Reindeer Art Gallery in Kensington Church Street, […]

Comic art A world without worries: comic art screenprints on show

A world without worries: comic art screenprints on show

A world without worries: exhibition of comic art screenprints Date: 20 February 2017 to 26 February 2017 Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat & Sun 12-4pm Location: The Gallery, Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London, EC1M 4DS Popeye declares: “I don’t know how to worry, so that’s out”. Printmaker John Patrick Reynolds shows his […]

Popeye: Heavenly man

Popeye: Heavenly man

A flapper calls Popeye a heavenly man. Once again, Popeye is astonished by the attention he’s getting. And I have to say, heavenly is an interesting word to use – it makes me wonder what exactly it is that this elegantly dressed woman sees in the great man. But who is this flapper? And where is Olive? […]

Olive calls Popeye darling

NEW: Olive Oyl and Popeye shape up for Valentines

I’ve designed four new screenprints depicting the tumultuous love affair between those archetypical lovers Popeye and Olive. 1/ Olive rushes into Popeye’s arms and calls him ‘Darling’. 2/Jealous Olive warns Popeye about flirting. I’m not sure why she’s carrying a suitcase – obviously Olive is on the move, though, and looking serious. 3/Olive discovers she’s a brunette. […]