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Pilot fights against the odds

Pilot fights overwhelming odds

A bewildered pilot wonders “Where do they all come from?” as he fights overwhelming odds. I was a great fan of  Commando! comics as a boy. I especially enjoyed the story lines which emphasised the complexities and psychological impact of war. This panel gets the reader into the fraught chaos of the pilot’s cockpit. Commando! […]

hurricane with guns blazing

Hurricane with guns blazing

NEW SALE ITEM! Hurricane with guns blazing! This warhorse was the RAF’s main fighter aircraft during the Battle of Britain – there were many more Hurricanes than Spitfires in service at that stage. Because the Hurricane was slower than the Spitfire, the squadrons flying the slower aircraft were generally told to intercept German fighters, leaving […]

Scared stiff

A soldier admits he’s scared stiff

SALE ITEM: FOUR LEFT A soldier is unusually honest about how he feels: scared stiff. I like the way his face is shaded – which seems unusual but gives a sense of retrospection and perhaps even shame. The background swirls with smoke or emotion-laden clouds. This is an image from the ever-popular Commando comics, pocket-sized […]

London Comic Con

Comic Art at Comic Con

COMIC ART AT COMIC CON I’ve taken a stand at the upcoming Comic Con in Olympia. It runs from Friday to Sunday, 9am-6pm each day. Come and see what I’ve got to offer! Tickets and details are available here:

Video interview about Comic Art

See my video interview about Comic Art

See my video interview about Comic Art. Film-maker Jeremy Heslup, who runs the Praemio video channel, has interviewed me about Comic Art. I talk about how I became a screenprinter, why I enjoy it, and the transition from journalist. The film includes shots of me being interviewd at the Reindeer Art Gallery in Kensington Church Street, […]

Comic art A world without worries: comic art screenprints on show

A world without worries: comic art screenprints on show

A world without worries: exhibition of comic art screenprints Date: 20 February 2017 to 26 February 2017 Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat & Sun 12-4pm Location: The Gallery, Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London, EC1M 4DS Popeye declares: “I don’t know how to worry, so that’s out”. Printmaker John Patrick Reynolds shows his […]

Comic Art at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Comic Art at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

I’m selling my screenprints at the Dulwich Picture Gallery – the first purpose-built public art gallery in the world – this weekend. The gallery was founded in 1811 when Sir Francis Bourgeois RA bequeathed his collection of old masters “for the inspection of the public”. This weekend there is a Christmas event to which I’ve been […]

Comic Art hits the East End

Comic Art hits the East End

Comic Art is coming to the East End. My screenprints will be exhibited at Spitalfields Arts Market from Thursday (November 3) until Sunday (November 6), from 9am – 5pm each day. The exhibition of about a dozen artists is held on Market Street, between Brushfield Street & Crispin Place, London E1 6AA. We’ll be showing – all […]

Five ways to spot a bad screenprint

Five ways to spot a bad screenprint

This is your print-off-and-keep guide on how to spot a bad silkscreen print.  These are five faults that a silkscreen printer must avoid if he/she is to produce a clean image: 1 Over-inking. This can happen if the image on the stencil is too close to the edge of the screen and it is difficult […]

Spitfire silhouette on red and white

Two Comic Art shows – Central London

Two Comic Art shows in central London this week – all next week I will be showing at The Showcase in St John’s Square, Clerkenwell; and then on Sunday – which is Fathers’ Day – I will also be selling at the Marylebone Summer Fayre. The Showcase, Clerkenwell – Monday to Sunday The pop-up shop will […]