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How to make a screenprint

How-to-make-a-screenprint poster

Here’s a print-off-and-hang poster about how to make a screenprint. It shows all the various stages of the process, from the original image to the finished handmade screenprint. 1 Pick your image,in this case the P from Little Plum, The Beano Summer Special 1971. I have a licence from DC Thomson to use such images, […]

Spitfire silhouette on red and white

Spitfire silhouettes on red and white

I’ve just printed my Spitfire silhouettes on red and white in my medium format, 48cms x 38cms – the first three orders will receive numbers 1/200, 2/200 and 3/200. The Spitfire is a design classic and a symbol of British indomitability. The icon of British military history is so beautiful and yet proved so deadly. […]