Asterix and the omni-shambles

NEW PRINT: Asterix and the omni-shambles

Asterix and the omni-shambles. Our Gaulish hero is in the company of a couple of burly tribesmen, who are accusing him of causing mayhem, chaos, an omni-shambles. The word was invented by writer Tony Roche, and it was first used in 2009 in the BBC’s political satire The Thick Of It. This screenprint was commissioned by his […]

The Broons go fishing

The Broons go fishing

SALE ITEM: The Broons go fishing – I love the way the panel has internal echoes. Paw Broon and Granpaw Broon form a pair, as do their fishing rods, the speech bubbles, the hilltops and even the rocks in the river. And a ‘but and ben’ is apparently a two-roomed cottage in the countryside. It […]

Popeye's first ever appearance (1929)

Popeye’s first ever appearance (1929)

SALE ITEM: This is Popeye’s first ever appearance (1929). Our favourite sailor’s debut. It’s quite a good joke: he’s approached by Olive Oyl’s brother, Castor, to do a job taking them to a far-away island, but his introductory question: “Hey, there, are you a sailor?” is a stupid one seeing as Popeye is wearing a […]

Bluto makes his debut

Bluto makes his debut

NEW SALE ITEM: Bluto makes his debut – the first time that the character appears in the Popeye comic strip. This screenprint was made using a drawing by the artist who invented Popeye, Elzie Segar, who died in 1938. Popeye was originally a minor character in a strip syndicated in American newspapers. It was called […]

Olive Oyl gazes (between yellow blocks)

Olive Oyl gazes into space

NEW SALE ITEM! (Only four left.) Olive Oyl gazes into space. I like the way the white space in front of her gives her thoughts room to resonate. And I’ve also come to love great areas of simple colour, something that screenprinting is very good at. This image is a detail of a panel first […]

Pilot fights against the odds

Pilot fights overwhelming odds

A bewildered pilot wonders “Where do they all come from?” as he fights overwhelming odds. I was a great fan of  Commando! comics as a boy. I especially enjoyed the story lines which emphasised the complexities and psychological impact of war. This panel gets the reader into the fraught chaos of the pilot’s cockpit. Commando! […]

hurricane with guns blazing

Hurricane with guns blazing

NEW SALE ITEM! Hurricane with guns blazing! This warhorse was the RAF’s main fighter aircraft during the Battle of Britain – there were many more Hurricanes than Spitfires in service at that stage. Because the Hurricane was slower than the Spitfire, the squadrons flying the slower aircraft were generally told to intercept German fighters, leaving […]

Scared stiff

A soldier admits he’s scared stiff

SALE ITEM: FOUR LEFT A soldier is unusually honest about how he feels: scared stiff. I like the way his face is shaded – which seems unusual but gives a sense of retrospection and perhaps even shame. The background swirls with smoke or emotion-laden clouds. This is an image from the ever-popular Commando comics, pocket-sized […]

Auf wiedersehen Englander

Auf wiedersehen Englander!

SALE ITEM – ONE THIRD OFF Auf wiedersehen Englander! A German in Allied uniform tells a British soldier ‘See you later’ (in German) as he shoots him. Great stuff from the Victor comic. Apparently Germans used this ruse a lot at the beginning of the so-called Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, the last […]

Korky the Cat gets into a fight

Korky The Cat gets into a fight

KORKY THE CAT GETS INTO A FIGHT – NEW SALE ITEM Korky The Cat gets into a fight and invites a normal cat to box him – it’s a kind of anthropomorphic joke. Korky is accepted by the human characters of the strip as another human – and he fights like a man, with his […]