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My bicycle collection - handmade screenprints

New Oor Wullie screenprints

Four new Oor Wullie screenprints I’ve produced four new handmade, limited edition screenprints of Oor Wullie. Oor Wullie rides his bike. I like the way the satchel has turned out. Oor Wullie winks at a snowman (who winks back). Oor Wullie says it’s only Monday. Oor Wullie notices it’s raining – and it doesn’t faze […]

Dennis the Menace grins

Dennis the Menace (and friends) up close

The Beano characters in close-up I’ve produced a series of screenprints showing three of the main characters in The Beano in closeup. Dennis the Menace is show looking sly, sad and blowing a raspberry. Gnasher looks very happy. And Minnie the Minx looks innocent. They’re initially available in my standard format, 26cms x 19cms costing […]

Comic art A world without worries: comic art screenprints on show

A world without worries: comic art screenprints on show

A world without worries: exhibition of comic art screenprints Date: 20 February 2017 to 26 February 2017 Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat & Sun 12-4pm Location: The Gallery, Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London, EC1M 4DS Popeye declares: “I don’t know how to worry, so that’s out”. Printmaker John Patrick Reynolds shows his […]

"Beer" in bold comic book letters

Beer comic book style

Beer comic book style – I love beer and love the colour and shapes of the lettering. I’ve mined these letters from American comics published in the 1950s. I love the boldness – and of course screenprinting is the perfect medium to express those bold colours. Standard size: 26cms x 19cms – not yet available. Contact jpr@thecomicartwebsite.com if you […]

Popeye: Heavenly man

Popeye: Heavenly man

A flapper calls Popeye a heavenly man. Once again, Popeye is astonished by the attention he’s getting. And I have to say, heavenly is an interesting word to use – it makes me wonder what exactly it is that this elegantly dressed woman sees in the great man. But who is this flapper? And where is Olive? […]

Thelwell's hugging pony available as a medium

Thelwell’s hugging pony available as a medium

This drawing of a little girl and her pony hugging each other is a heart-warming portrait of affection. And, due to popular demand, Thelwell’s hugging pony is now available as a medium. Norman Thelwell is the unofficial chronicler of the British countryside. He is especially well known and loved for his drawings of little girls on pony-back […]

girl loves boy

Boy loves girl and girl loves boy

New! Two more screenprints in my recently introduced ‘words’ range: Boy Loves Girl and Girl Loves Boy. They join my current Valentines ‘words’ range, which include ‘Kiss’ and ‘Love’. By the way, a brief bit of research revealed to me that Valentines Day has been associated with lovers for longer than I’d thought: apparently the […]

LOVE in comic book lettering

LOVE and KISSES for Valentines

LOVE AND KISSES FOR VALENTINES I’ve designed two new screenprints for Valentines – both using lettering from US comics from the 1950s – spelling out the words LOVE and KISS. They’re bold and bright, and that’s exactly what screenprinting does well. The screenprints are in my standard-format mould-made cotton paper milled in Somerset, 26cms x […]

Olive calls Popeye darling

NEW: Olive Oyl and Popeye shape up for Valentines

I’ve designed four new screenprints depicting the tumultuous love affair between those archetypical lovers Popeye and Olive. 1/ Olive rushes into Popeye’s arms and calls him ‘Darling’. 2/Jealous Olive warns Popeye about flirting. I’m not sure why she’s carrying a suitcase – obviously Olive is on the move, though, and looking serious. 3/Olive discovers she’s a brunette. […]

Comic Art at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Comic Art at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

I’m selling my screenprints at the Dulwich Picture Gallery – the first purpose-built public art gallery in the world – this weekend. The gallery was founded in 1811 when Sir Francis Bourgeois RA bequeathed his collection of old masters “for the inspection of the public”. This weekend there is a Christmas event to which I’ve been […]