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Asterix, obelix and dogmatix SILHOUETTES

Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix in silhouette

I’ve produced two new, tall, thin screenprints of Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix in silhouette on red backgrounds. I love the red I’m using here – and the fact that most of the screenprints is just plain red ink emphasises that the colour is to be enjoyed for its own sake. They’re 76cms tall and 28cms […]

Four new screenprints of The Broons

Four new screenprints of The Broons

I’ve produced four new screenprints showing the Broons at their best. They show Paw Broon with a puppy The male Broons going to their allotment Daphne sharing a secret with Maggie Paw Broon gets laid off I love al these images for their draughtsmanship by Dudley D Watkins – and for the freeze-frame moments of […]

Oor Willie cycles

My bicycle collection

I now have several screenprints featuring bicycles – all of them also featuring Scottish favourite Oor Wullie. They are: Oor Wullie gets his bike out from the shed, Oor Wullie and Fat Bob on a bike, Oor Wullie cycles along, with a satchel on the front, Oor Wullie comes off his bike. These are all […]