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Teacher from Bash Street says: Silly old me

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Silly old me: one of those things we don’t hear often enough. It’s very difficult to admit mistakes, in my experience.

The great thing about the Bash Street Kids is that there’s somebody for pretty much everybody to relate to: all humanity is there from tall skinny ones to shorter fatter ones. And there’s even Teacher, to represent authority.

And I love that many of their names are unabashedly direct: there’s Fatty, Spotty and Plug (ugly), just there would be in any classroom.

And for the record, the regular characters are: Danny, Erbert, Fatty, Plug, Sydney, Smiffy, Spotty, Toots, Wlfred and Cuthbert.

The strip, created by Leo Baxendale as When the Bell Rings, first appeared in issue 604 (dated 13 February 1954). It became The Bash Street Kids in 1956.

Handmade, limited edition screen print on mould-made, cotton paper.

Standard size: 26cms x 19cms. 

Medium size: 56cms x 38cms.

Handmade, limited edition screen print on cotton paper, mould-made at the St Cuthbert Mill in Wells, Somerset.  25cm x 19cm.

Signed and numbered in pencil by the printer, John Patrick Reynolds

© D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.