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London Comic Con

Comic Art at Comic Con

COMIC ART GOES TO COMIC CON I’ve taken a stand at the upcoming Comic Con in Olympia. It runs from Friday to Sunday, 9am-6pm each day. Come and see what I’ve got to offer! Tickets and details are available here:

Desperate Dan eats giant cow pie

Desperate Dan eats giant cow pie

I’ve printed this image of our favourite urban cowboy eating his favourite food – for the first time in a medium size. Until now it’s only been available in my standard size, 26cms x 19cms. There are hornsĀ sticking out of the pie. Sometimes there are hooves also. Dan made his appearance in the first issue […]

Comic Art designs adorn Fun Factory

Comic Art Designs adorn iconic Fun Factory

Britain’s top comic publisher, DC Thomson, has refurbished its historic headquarters in the heart of Dundee and has chosen my designs for the walls of its new foyer. Six designs from my screenprints (shown in the foreground in each case) have been blown up and hung on the walls. There was a gala opening of […]