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"Beer" in bold comic book letters

Beer comic book style

Beer comic book style – I love beer and love the colour and shapes of the lettering. I’ve mined these letters from American comics published in the 1950s. I love the boldness – and of course screenprinting is the perfect medium to express those bold colours. Standard size: 26cms x 19cms – not yet available. Contact if you […]

girl loves boy

Boy loves girl and girl loves boy

New! Two more screenprints in my recently introduced ‘words’ range: Boy Loves Girl and Girl Loves Boy. They join my current Valentines ‘words’ range, which include ‘Kiss’ and ‘Love’. By the way, a brief bit of research revealed to me that Valentines Day has been associated with lovers for longer than I’d thought: apparently the […]

LOVE in comic book lettering

LOVE and KISSES for Valentines

LOVE AND KISSES FOR VALENTINES I’ve designed two new screenprints for Valentines – both using lettering from US comics from the 1950s – spelling out the words LOVE and KISS. They’re bold and bright, and that’s exactly what screenprinting does well. The screenprints are in my standard-format mould-made cotton paper milled in Somerset, 26cms x […]